Enhancing Collaboration Intuitively and Naturally Inside The Office


WAFOU is a lamp composed of four modular ambiant lights that turn on automatically once taken off the charger base. WAFOU’s design is inspired by Japanese traditional interiors and Moroccan craftsmanship.

Wave Bench for BATAWA

The WAVE BENCH was designed in collaboration with the community of Batawa. The design is inspired  from Batawa’s river waves. Several benches placed next to each other can form a harmonic wave representing nature. The bench can be manufactured using local and low in cost materials (Wood and Steel).

Beo Compact

Morocco Chair

Shoes Design

TAKTICA – Formula One Shoe Concept Design 


EVO PHONE is a futuristic mobile phone introducing a new ergonomic way to use phones. The screen is a 360 degrees Flexible OLED wrapped around two bases housing the motherboard. This design allows the phone to be used in three dimensions, and provides the user with a new enjoyable experience.